I DO…I Just Can’t Say When “I Do”

The Ring

I am not a newlywed. Not even close, my husband and I have been married for what can seem like an eternity sometimes! (I’m sure he feels the same way!)

Over the past few years I’ve had a ton of my friends and family members get married…which is neither here nor there to me to be honest.

But I have a friend who at the end of last year got engaged and has been planning her wedding since then….poor thing is now trying to finish plans up during the quarantine…

She shares, and vents, her journey with me as I tend to be a very good listener. The biggest thing is not knowing. She can’t send out invitations because she has no idea how many people are going to be allowed to gather for her wedding.

The day is fast approching and I really feel for her. Planning a wedding, espically a big one, is already “jump out of a moving cab to fight a cat for giving you the stank-eye” crazy stressful. Then add in the fact that everything is closed and limited as far as numbers of people. Her venue is up in the air, the food is up in the air, deposits are paid and partially able to be refunded…if needed.

I’am in her wedding and she is a very dear friend of mine, her fiance is as well. We have already made and cancelled two difference bachelorette parties and the third is in the works as a combo party for both bride and groom.

The first trip was planned and paid for way before the “world time-out” started, and we were only able to get a partial refund or credit for our air B&B. Then the second plan never got off the ground due to everyones work schedules being either crazy busy or they were laid off and broke.

The third trip seems to be good. But I’ll be damned if this hasn’t been a nightmare for this poor dear. The good news is that some of the states and counties are opening back up so maybe all that was planned can go off without any further speed bumps.

I will say that love is a beautiful thing, as they both agreed that since the date that they want to be married is very important to them that they will still get married that day..no matter what…even if they have to have a four person ceremony in front of a judge! Sweet right!? (she said this and I kinda threw up a little from the cheesiness!)

So wishing the best of luck to the happy couple, no matter when or how or who is there when they “tie the knot”!

S. Sanity

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