Quiet Time

Some of us (lets be honest MOST of us) do not realize how important self care is.

We are all guilty of neglecting ourselves at one time or another, espically during major life changes.


When you leave your parents house to go out on your own for the first time, and are fumbling with finances and finals. Do I have my English final on tuesday at two or was is friday at four, or was that when the water bill was due?…or was that when I scheduled that date?


When you are a newlywed and can only focus on the “us” of your life and what “we” need. Do we need a dog? Did you cut the grass? Call your mom, she wants to do dinner tommorrow….


When you become a parent for the first time and you have no clue as to what day it is, or when you ate last, or what that stain is on your shirt, or how long you have been wearing that shirt. When did the baby poop last? How much did the baby eat was it three ounces or five?

Life can be crazy…It’s supposed to be that way, we are supposed to learn from the craziness. But even when learning you have to take a break and rest.

My mom used to tell us kids that after a certain time at night we needed to be in our rooms and we could watch tv or read or play in our beds…as long as we were quiet and didn’t come out (only to use the bathroom) because it was mommys “quiet time”.

As a child this rule bothered me…I liked to be with my mom and I usually would sit and watch tv with her, not being loud or even talking that much really. No matter what at about nine at night it was: “Okay go brush your teeth and go to bed it’s quiet time kids! I love you! Good Night!”

I completely understand this rule now. But I call it “alone time”, and everyone needs it from time to time.

So take a breath, don’t text or call anyone, forget finals, laundry , and ramen noodles for just a few minutes.

Inhale…enjoy the flowers in your yard, you can always call mom tomorrow about dinner, breathe in the subtle love of cooking a meal together, saying good night and I love you. Stay up and write in your journal or catch the last half of the game after they went to bed if thats your cup of tea.

Put the kids to bed and change your shirt and binge for a while, the baby is fine and pooped whenever they pooped last and they ate who cares how much,,,

Take a moment or even two….Just to realign your soul or whatever you happen to believe in and focus on you. No shame in it, be proud you love yourself enough (and everyone around you) to give yourself time to just exist and do you.

Self Care, Be Aware.

S. Sanity

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