Maybe It’s The Little Stuff

Hang in there little flower buddy!

Stop and smell the roses

I’m sure almost everyone has heard the saying above at one point or another in their life, and most of us understand the meaning…well mostly. With the whole world on lockdown due to the COVID-19 or Corona virus situation, stopping to smell the flowers is almost a NEED now-a-days!

Oso Flaco Lake, Ca

Of corse I am not saying to literally stop and smell every damn flower while you are out on your (now daily) walk around the neighborhood. Or even my personal favorite of taking a hike down an unbeaten path with your kids that leads to a gorgeous body of water! More of… an enjoy the small things type of situation..if you catch my drift. (pun intended)

Short story time!!! To explain what I mean…

Okay, so I have a friend who just so happens to come by my house almost everyday during the week….. (Yes I know, I know, I be a bit of a social distancing rebel! Muahaha!). Anywho, since the “virus induced house arrest” was put into place it really has been nice to see another adult for an hour or two. Also, there is the added bonus of her bringing her small critter along to occupy my little sour patch kids. There we were, sitting, visiting, and toking on the devils know, having some mommy time while our adorable little monsters played all too quietly in the back of the house. Well as we got to talking we found ourselves talking about the little things in life and how they mean more than one would expect. Around that time the level of noise in the back of the house rose up and we just so happen to be interrupted by one of the afore mentioned small creatures….(he’s two) And all he wanted was a hug and kiss!! Um…ADORABLE!! Why? Oh just because he was happy to have a friend over! That’s all! Simple. Pure. Joy. Spilling out from a two year old in the form of kisses and hugs for all!! Our hearts melted and our discussion of little things firmly justified we sat in silence for a few minutes then moved on to another topic. (HA! as most wacky tobacky folks do)

Kisses and hugs, getting a “flower” as a gift (thats actually a weed from the flower bed that was next to actual flowers that are not weeds lol).

Little things……

Orange Umbrella!

When you finally put the framed pictures up on your walls and semi-decorate your house! Or (my new fave) sitting in the backyard while sipping an icy beverage on a hot day. All under the NEW bright orange umbrella that you received for Mother’s Day that made you sooooo happy that you literally (and loudly according to the husband lol) squealed like a teenager who just got a car for their birthday! (oh yes that was me, totally guilty.. lol)

So weather you’re smelling the roses, sipping icy cool beverages under an orange umbrella, getting hugs and kisses, or visiting with a friend or two; try to enjoy the little things around you during your “virus time-out”!

I know I will!

S. Sanity

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