I’am Pretty Sure Mom’s a Wizard: A Childs Perspective on the Magic of Motherhood

Episode One.

Alright…mom here…as a parental unit of many critters that are currently in training (for the circus it would seem sometimes), I feel the need to explain; my children have this werid suspicion that I in fact have some sort of magical powers!? (if only) Yet, I assure you there is no wizardry here, and the only spells I know stem from a series of books turned movies whose name goes without mentioning! lol

So anyways, these creatures of mine have decided to “investigate” and “test” mommys magical powers , and my patience if we are being honest. So here from the mouths of babe we have my narritative of this “investigation” of theirs. Enjoy!

Guys we have a situation….I think my mom is a WIZARD!?!? I’m eight and since I am getting older I have noticed some very interesting things about my MOM! I can only think she must have magic powers!?

Ahh…I love overhearing my eight year old when she is on her Google Meet meeting with her school friends. The current topic is how I am aparently full of suspicious abilities..

No guys I swear the other yesterday ago, I was playing with my baby brother outside in our backyard,and my mom yelled “get the baby!” cuz she knew he was in the front before I even knew and she was inside! I was like OH MY GOD are you a fortune lady?!

Yeah…I love my kids verbage hahaha “yesterday ago” translates easier than “fortune lady” which could be either a fortune teller or one of the fairys from Sleeping Beauty, but you get the picture.

Andddd then guys, no for real, like really she always knows when my dad is going to be home before he gets there to my house! Its really freaky guys?! She even understands my baby brother when no one else can!!! This is a serious situation and I will tell you guys if more things happen, but look at your moms too cuz maybe your mom is magic too!

oh be still my heart! Ha she’s so darn cute, and challage accepted wee one…challage accepted.

She doesn’t know that I’ve overheard her and have decided to really show off my magic skills! LOL

So fast forwared to a few days later , it’s hot outside and she is BORED out of her mind and I am doing dishes. I happened to see that our neighbor across the street whose granddaughter she is buddies with is home…along with her granddaughter who was at that moment walking towards our house. My sweet critter was completely clueless to this, so I walked out of the kitchen and to the front door,opened it, then walked back to the kitchen and proceeded to finish the dishes.

She watched me do this and looked out the door to see that no one was there, perplexed she said: “mom why did you open the door?”

“My moms a WIZARD!”

8 yr old daughter

Placing my hand on my forhead palm out, I shut my eyes and in my best monotone future seeing voice said, “you will have a visitor very very soon”

The neighbors granddaughter rang the doorbell just as my kids jaw fell to the floor. HA! Score One for magic mom! I can’t wait until she tells her friends about this !

Tune in next week for how I destroyed the brain of a teenage who now may or maynot believe in magic! haha

S. Sanity

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