You know sometimes I do not know what the world is coming to. Not just the world but all of us in it as well. I mean sometimes, well actually all of the time, I just see the bad in the world truly the people in the world. Everyone is only thinking about themselves, their life, their needs, their wants. People don’t even try anymore, they do not even try to be nice, they do not try to decent to each other. I see people on the corner, varieties of back stories, all with one thing in common…they are homeless and asking for help. Parents with their kids, veterans, disabled adults, teens, people who are so messed up on Meth and shit that you cannot even tell what fucking age they are. That is a fact true to almost every single city in the United States, and it is sad. Sad that they are in that situation and sad that so many people in this country ignore it. They pass by avoiding eye contact, or even give a shy smile, few of us CAN give and most of us do not WANT to give up any of our hard-earned money. I’m just saying it is very sad, the world is very sad underneath and fake on top, wearing our façade ignorantly.

When you start to see things from that point of view, you begin noticing the fake inconsistencies in everything and everyone. The worst is that when you see the fake in everyone, okay so not the fake, let me rephrase that. The worst is when you see people for who they are you also see their true intentions, and it always starts with what we have considered to be our closest friends and family. Think about it the people who have hurt us the most are our closest friends and family members. We all know this to be true, in some way or another. But either way, that’s not what this story is about.

When you find that special someone and you go through the motions of a relationship, taking the “big” steps like moving in together or getting a pet together, then the engagement. During this time weather it’s years, months or days how well do you really get to know each other? When do the real personalities come out? I’ve witnessed and been in a lot of unhealthy relationships, but that I think is true for most people. I won’t name any names, and I am not going to sugar coat it either, facts are facts and as hard as the truth can be to hear, that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be talked about. So, heads up shit might get a bit real and I am not talking about ignoring homeless vets either.



There are many ways to abuse someone, especially now with all of our advancing technology. But now when it happens what do you do? If you see it, what do you do? Do you try to stop it? Do you ask for help? Whatever your choice it or your situation, we all handle it differently. Let me be very clear, different is NOT wrong, at least most of the time. And I firmly believe that abuse is wrong, no matter what or who that situation or circumstances involve. So here it goes. The sound of fists hitting a face is a very distinct sound, like when you are in a car crash, it’s a sound that is not easily forgotten if you have ever experienced it.

I remember that it was very sunny that day, warm but with a cool breeze. I couldn’t tell you what day of the week it was but I know it was after noon and I wasn’t doing anything specific that day but I was watching tv, binge watching Netflix. Most likely I had to pee so that’s why I went into the house from the safety of my bedroom, but that is when I heard it. Not the yelling that I had been hearing on and off for an hour or so but that skin to skin sound. I heard it four times really fast in a row, along with grunting and sounds of a female in pain, we have all heard a fight go down, so you know that sound. It was coming from outside, from the travel trailer to be exact where the brother lives. Knowing what was happening and armed with the fact that both the brother and his girlfriend were meth users, I decided it would be best to let the father know. He had already heard and was in the process of going out to “deal” with the situation, as was the mother of the family.

Pause. Okay, people fight, some more than others but it’s true. There are different types of fights though, and fighters. A little background on the couple in question, their fights tend to be explosive. Explosive in the way where walls get fist and head holes and doors are slammed so hard that they basically evaporate. Now in this family, how things really work is that the mother is the ruler of all, and she is a twisted pup. He really had done a number to her face this time, I was told from kneeing her in the face repeatedly. So mother decided that she needed to be “kept” here until she healed, so that way her baby boy wouldn’t get sent to jail. Keep in mind this happened a lot, but never this bad, and it is not like we all idly stood by and watched either. The father was always sent out to make them stop, against my protest of their “small” fights eventually escalating, that was just how they handled it. Personally, I feel that everyone gave this woman ample chances to get away from him, she just always found her way back. Like a stray animal that you fed once and now comes back every now and then for more. Yes, that explains this girl perfect.

When is enough, enough though? I mean how many people have self-esteem so low its non-existent enough to keep coming back to this. Well I guess for her she hadn’t reached the limit yet, she left and came back before, not this time. This time he had beaten her good, physically and emotionally. Are you ready for the worst part, she has a son, who at the time was 3 years old who also suffered emotional abuse from his mother’s boyfriend. There were rumors of him hitting the kid in front of his friends but never any physical evidence of it, the emotional abuse though was easily spotted. So what would you do in this situation? Call the cops? Try to get her and the kid out, again? Just ignore it?


7 thoughts on “why?

    1. the call was made and after all of the court dates and jail time as soon as they could they were back together…its a sad hamster wheel and at some point you just stop and say they are adults and made their bed. but that is just me. thanks for the comment!

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      1. Yes, I figured that might be the case as well. I guess the main thing is that you did your part. For me, I would have felt guilty if things escalated and I did nothing. It is hard, isn’t it?


  1. Mommyisapothead,
    Lord forbid, If this woman ends up getting beaten to an inch of her life; worse yet; gets beaten to death……….every single one of you who live in that house, on the premises, will go to jail for accessory. So while you are think about the cruelty in this wild, think about that shit. Save yourself from going to jail or not Ben prison for someone else’s sorry ass.


    1. while i respect your opinion the cops in the area are familiar with the family and are aware of the situation. so i do not believe they would go to jail. as they have done everything in their power to stop the situation. thank you for your comment


  2. Yes, I would call the police too. It is some kind of help. I was watching Joyce Meyer and she had another woman evangelist on her show. That woman was just like the woman you talk about. She kept going back over and over again. Finally, she left and has a good life now. Some women eventually leave, if they aren’t killed first.


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