A Christmas Wish…

I wished for world peace,

I wished for the end of world hunger,

I wished my sick friends well,

I wished my parents would find work,

I wished we didn’t have to move so much,

I wished my brother and sister and I had our own rooms,

I wished we didn’t live in a trailer,

I wished we had hot water for our baths,

I wished we had clothes that fit,

I wished, and I wished.

I used every shooting star I saw, on every dandelion’s dancing seed,

I used every candle on my birthday cake, and every coin thrown in the wishing lake.

I wished, and I wished…

There was no peace, everyone was still hungry, my parents still had no work, we moved and moved,

The couch was still my bed, we still lived in a tiny trailer, we still boiled water for our baths, and our hand-me-down clothes were a bit too small.

So I stopped wishing,

I wrote my very last letter to Santa at ten years old,

I wrote down the only thing I wanted for Christmas.

I signed my name, folded the letter, placed it in the envelope, stuck on a stamp and put it in a near by mail box.

Dear Santa,

I’ve wished, I’ve prayed, I’ve done everything I know to try a make everything better…So if you could, just this once, bring me present this year I promise I will never ask for another present and still will be a good girl…

All I want for Christmas is a home.

Sincerely, Too Many of Our Babies!

By: S.Sanity


2 thoughts on “A Christmas Wish…

  1. I was fortunate to be raised in a family with enough money. Did you get your home? I have no memory of ever praying for anything until I was 17. I do remember wanting to be a Christian at 10 and starting to read the Bible. I got to the story of Lot and his daughters and stopped reading the Bible. I didn’t pick it up again until I was 19.

    I remember my prayer when I was 17, I asked God to get me away from my family and home town. Then I proceeded to answer my own prayer by going in my parent’s room and stealing my Dad’s money. I thought I’d go to San Francisco. This was in 1967. My dad woke up. After I talked with them, they sent me to relatives in Canada. So, I did get away for which I am thankful.


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